Important tips for your diving vacation

Diving Instructions

Duty of Information / Liability

Diving safaris are for experienced divers only. Therefore, you should meet or prove the following requirements:

  • at least 50 dives
  • the last dive should date back to no longer than one year
  • diver’s passport
  • logbook/number of dives
  • medical certificate not older than two years

For less experienced divers we offer a private dive guide (to be pre booked at 80,00 Euro per day.

With the participation in a diving safari the traveller is obliged to guarantee his physical suitability and declares by his registration to do this. If the participant does not follow the conditions and is being excluded from some SEVEN SEAS performances the consequential costs or lost booking performances cannot be replaced. The SEVEN SEAS in no case will be responsible for body or property damage caused by illness, psychical problems, abnormal behaviour or other acute restrictions of the safari participant.

The instructions of the boat staff at diving activities are to be followed. Contraventions can entail exclusions from the activities. Lost booking activities will not be replaced. The responsible dive master may exclude participants with less than 50 dives and for a lack of experience from diving at certain diving spots (e.g. current, depth etc.)

We recommend travel insurances (medical, diving, cancellation).

What is included in the diving-package:

Aboard the SEVEN SEAS all dives are with compressed air or NITROX (no legal rights for customer) for free! No diving on arrival- and departure days. We use 12l alu-tanks. 15l tanks can be pre booked at 7,00 Euro per day.

Equipment for Hire / Spare Parts

The SEVEN SEAS offers the most modern equipment for hire from the MARES company as well as numerous spare parts and tools. To be on the save side you should still take along own spare parts for your equipment. In case of loss or damage of the hired equipment the customer is liable to the fullest extent (replacement value plus transport and customs). Please kindly announce the needed equipment for hire at booking.

Rental equipment / Prices in Euro:

Per Day Per Trip
Full Equipment (except computer and torch) 35,00 175,00
Wetsuit 15,00 75,00
Jacket/BCD 15,00 75,00
Regulator incl. pressure gauge and octopus 15,00 75,00
Mask, snorkel 5,00 30,00
Fins 5,00 30,00
Boots 3,00 15,00
Computer 10,00 50,00
Torch 10,00 50,00
Signal-Buoy 3,00 15,00
15l tank 7,00 35,00

Prices for Courses (incl. Brevet/Certificate):

  • CMAS ** 325,00
  • Nitrox Course NRC 120,00
  • Special Brevets 140,00
  • Advanced Course 220,00

Prices for other courses on Request

Passport Data and Flight Times

14 days before the beginning of the safari following data must be given to the tour operators: Name, first name, nationality

  • Passport number (at least 6 months valid)
  • Flight number and arrival / departure times
  • To check in on board you need additionally:
  • Copy of passport

At noncompliance the SEVEN SEAS is not responsible for eventual delays caused by non-availability of above mentioned data.


The SEVEN SEAS travel management will pick you up at the airport. Visa-Service if required. 30,00 Euro per Person. Transport from and to the ship will be done by a local company for which SEVEN SEAS is not liable.


Hurghada-Port Ghalib from/to Airport HRG 40,00 Euro per person/way.
Hotels Hurghada/Safaga/El Quseir- Port Ghalib 40,00 Euro per person/way.
Marsa Alam-Port Ghalib from/to Airport RMF 20,00 Euro per person/way.

On board of the Seven Seas

What is included in the package:

Aboard the SEVEN SEAS all dives with compressed air or NITROX (no legal rights for customer), all meals, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks (tea/coffee, water, mixed-juices) are included. Special brands, beer, wine, coffees and spirits are available at cost.
The consumption of brought in drinks is only permitted in the cabins.

Permits and Harbor fees, possible supplements

To be paid on board:

  • Permits and Harbor Fees 235,00 Euro per Person/week

In case the Egyptian Government increases fuel rates, taxes, fees and permits, we feel free to forward the additional costs to our clients.
An increase up to max. 5% will not give the right for a free cancellation.

Payments on board: You can pay cash (Euro, US-Dollar, Egyptian pounds) and per VISA- and MASTERCARD. Extras have to be paid before check-out.

Rules on board

Smoking: Smoking is allowed only outside. Smoking in the cabin, salon and dining area is strictly prohibited.

Safety: We have inflatable life rafts, life jackets and life belts on board as well as fire extinguisher in each cabin. Make yourself familiar with the safety regulations at arrival.

Medical emergency: In case of a diving emergency the SEVEN SEAS has four (4) 50-litre oxygen tanks and a DAN case on board. We recommend that you take out special insurance that covers your decompression chamber costs. You can do so at beginning of the safari on SEVEN SEAS. There is also a first-aid kit on board covering however just regular complains or injuries.

Baths and toilets: Please do not throw hygiene articles such as tampons or sanitary napkins into the toilets. Please kindly use the special containers for it.

Climate and clothes

The Red Sea has a dry desert climate. Common temperature during the summer period is 35° C; winter month can be noticeably cooler. Please bring along adequate clothing and sufficient sun protection. In March/April and November/December the water temperatures can be quite cool. We recommend at least 5mm wetsuit and hood.

Payment Terms, Cancellation   

Each reservation requires a 20% deposit. The reservation is valid and confirmed only after receipt of deposit. The balance is due 4 weeks before the start of the safari (receipt in bank account).

Cancellation Fees
In case of cancellation of the firmly booked diving trip following fees are due: Up to 90 days before travel date 20% of the total cost; 89 to 35 days before travel date 40% of the total cost; 34 to 22 days before travel date 60% of the total cost; up to 21 days before travel date or a “no show” 100% of the total travel cost.  Separate regulations are valid for cancellation fees of a full charter. We recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

Warranty / Liability
We reserve the right when adverse conditions prevail to rebook the safari participants on another safari boat. We also reserve the right to book the guests into a hotel on the first or the last night of a diving safari. A change of routes is within the captain’s discretion only. This applies to short term changes due to safety reasons concerning the ship, the passengers  or diving accidents, as well. If a diving accident occurs, the safari may come to an end.  In the case of an accident, the SEVEN SEAS is obligated to stay close to the shore in order to be at the authorities disposal in case of an examination. If any of the above occurs, the passengers cannot claim compensation or refund of the safari price.

Cancellation / Substitution
Should the SEVEN SEAS be temporarily unable to operate a tour due to technical reasons it is possible to rebook for another time period free of charge. Alternatively we will try to arrange a substitute ship (however, the guests have no legal claim for this). Temporary technical difficulties, new rural laws and permission regulations by government can cause a change in the planned route. It will unfortunately not be possible to refund any additional permit costs. There will be no reimbursement for a termination of the cruise or for changes made due to bad weather.

Causes for cancellation and/or termination by Seven7Seas
Up to 2 weeks before the start of the trip: If the minimum number of participants (10 pax) is not reached and if the travel confirmation for the corresponding trip indicates a minimum number of participants required. In any case SEVEN SEAS is obligated to inform the safari participants without delay upon occurrence of the conditions for cancellation of the trip and to forward the notice of cancellation to the participant. The money paid by the safari participant will be returned. The SEVEN SEAS reserves the right to cancel cruises at any time when circumstances arise which are beyond the control of the SEVEN SEAS and for which the SEVEN SEAS is not responsible and which cannot be remedied or can be remedied only at high costs. The right of cancellation also applies in the case of default of payment on the part of the participant whereby no further period for payment must be established.