„Mares is proud to have worked with the Seven Seas for many years. As a Mares premium partner, the Seven Seas can exclusively offer you the opportunity to test our equipment in one of the most beautiful diving areas of all. “

Marcel Steinmeier, Product & Public Relations Manager, Mares


Here is a small selection of Mares products. If you have specific questions, please contact us personally.


Choose from the top regulators in the Mares product line. From the cold water regulator to the light travel version, they all offer excellent breathing comfort.

Epic ADJ 82X

The absolute benchmark among cold water regulators is called EPIC 82X! The combination of Twin Power, VAD and adjustable inhalation resistance allows you to adjust the breathing characteristics to your own taste and meet the highest demands. The first stage 82X provides perfect breathing comfort and maximum protection against icing. The rotating medium pressure outlets allow every configuration in tech- and recreational diving.

Ultra ADJ 82X

The Ultra ADJ is made of lightweight technopolymer and weighs only 192g. Thanks to Twin Power and adjustable inhalation resistance, breathing comfort can be individually adjusted. The First Stage 82X with its outstanding cold water properties is the perfect complement.

Dual ADJ 52X

The DUAL ADJ is ultra-light and has an adjustable inhalation resistance. Compact and proven: the first stage 52X. Thanks to two DFC outputs and Natural Convection Channel it meets the highest demands.

Dive computer

The right model for every wrist. Try the top model with colour display or the practical travel companion in watch format.


Genius – The name says it all! Trimix and Nitrox compatible with 40 hours of diving time per charge. Air integration and presentation of all relevant data on a high-resolution colour display. 1.000 hours logbook capacity. And a new algorithm with gradient factors that allows the computer to be customized for every diving purpose and every diver.

Smart Air

The new computer SMART AIR takes SMART to a whole new level – SMART AIR now with air integration and multi-gas capability! Thanks to wireless, the transmitter transmits the cylinder pressure to the SMART AIR computer. All the advantages of the original and even more!


Among other models, Mares latest jacket, the Magellan, is also on board. With a weight of approx. 2kg it fits perfectly into your diving baggage.


A real travel jacket! Ultra light weight, high quality materials, great comfort and for those who want to dive in home waters, more than enough buoyancy!